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Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is a funding allocated to schools by the Department of Education to increase social mobility and reduce the gap in performance between pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers. Its purpose is to raise attainment, accelerate progress and fulfil the achievement potential of all children. Schools receive funding for each disadvantaged pupil and can use the funding flexibly, in the best interests of eligible pupils. It is up to schools to decide how to spend the Pupil Premium funding because they are best placed to assess what additional educational provision should be put in place to ensure maximum progress for all the children within their care. All schools will be held accountable for how they have used the Pupil Premium funding and the impact it has had on the children's learning.

Pupil Premium Strategy at The Coombes CE Primary School

At The Coombes, we aim to overcome the barriers pupils have to future academic attainment. We believe, with the right kind of support, we will enable the targeted children to engage with the curriculum, improve their progress so that they feel ready and are prepared to take the next step in their educational journey and, eventually, as they move on to secondary school.

At The Coombes, the barriers that pupils receiving pupil premium funding have to overcome are often complex. Pupils often fall into multiple categories of need, such as: Special Educational Needs, English as an Additional Language, anxiety issues, poor oracy skills and a lack of cultural capital. Our approach to overcoming these barriers is, therefore, personalised to each pupil. However, all decisions about spending will be focussed on either improving the quality of teaching, providing individual academic support or looking at wider approaches such as personal, social and emotional support.

At The Coombes, we have a 74 of 379 (19.5%) children who are entitled to Pupil Premium funding.

Our inclusion team regularly reviews our Pupil Premium initiatives to ensure they are having a positive impact. Each year we plan priorities for this year's expenditure based on the cohort of eligible children.

Accessing the Pupil Premium funding at The Coombes CE Primary School

Funding is allocated to the school based on an annual basis. It is important that if you think your child is eligible for pupil premium support, you must contact the school office for more information and an application form. 

To find out if you are eligible for Free School Meals please find the relevant information on the Wokingham website here.

Please click on the link below if you would like to find out more from the DFE: Government Guidelines on Pupil Premium.

If your child is in receipt of benefit-related free school meals (FSM), you can register your interest in Wokingham's Holiday, Activities, and Food (HAF) programme here.

Individual requests for financial support for school-based activities are considered by the Headteacher. Requests can be made via the school office.