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Physical Education (PE)

All you need to know about our high quality, bespoke PE Curriculum

Curriculum & Pedagogy

At The Coombes, we recognise the many benefits of engaging our pupils in sport and exercise for their physical fitness as well as their mental health. We promote experiences in a wide range of sports, aimed at developing the foundations for lifelong enjoyment in activity. 

The Curriculum Vision is outlined here:

Curriculum Vision: PE

National Curriculum topics coverage is detailed in our Curriculum Overview. This details when a historical period is taught and some of the key questions for each PE topic. 

Curriculum Overview: Physical Education (P.E)

Our further in-depth Curriculum Map of Design Technology at The Coombes details the coverage of National Curriculum objectives, as well as Key Questions and opportunities for children to apply their learning within other curriculum subjects and also in our unique and beautiful school grounds.