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Learning at The Coombes

The Coombes Church of England Primary believes that the school should offer world class learning experiences for every child that result in an exceptional academic grounding-  enabling our children and staff to grow and flourish throughout their lives.

The unique and aspirational curriculum, not only covers/considers the national curriculum but also offers further opportunities and experiences across all subjects. The governing body look to the staff to deliver the highest quality educational experiences in order to achieve the following aims:

  • The Christian vision of the School is reflected through the promotion of the school’s core values throughout the curriculum;
  • An excellent grounding for academic success and a breadth of skills is developed in preparation for their life beyond their attendance at The Coombes school;
  • A curriculum that goes beyond the national curriculum, providing an educational offer that is bespoke for every child, enabling each pupil to become a responsible global citizen.

The school’s aim is to ensure that every child can flourish and achieve to the full extent of their individual capabilities – regardless of faith, race, gender, or ability, including those from vulnerable groups or with special education needs.