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All you need to know about our high quality, bespoke languages Curriculum.

Curriculum & Pedagogy

At The Coombes, we teach children to recognise that learning languages is a life-skill for their futures. By learning, speaking, understanding and recognising linguistic structures within a new language and comparing this to English, children have the foundations and potential to learn more languages in the future. 

We teach French as our Modern Foreign Language, with children beginning their lessons in Year 3.

From Year 4, children are taught by our specialist French teacher, Mr LeFebvre, who, as a native French speaker, not only teaches the children but also communicates predominantly in French too. This way, children are immersed in the experience and experience and apply learning through interactions too. 

The way in which children are taught to use and apply French are found below:

French Curriculum Vision

Curriculum coverage in French follows The French Club scheme and can be found below:

The French Club with Mr Lefevbre Curriculum Overview