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History at The Coombes Church of England Primary School engages and enthuses children to learn about the past. Our curriculum allows pupils to learn about key periods of history and the lives of significant individuals in the past, developing an understanding of the effect on society in the United Kingdom and across the world of historical events. Pupils will develop an understanding of different methods of historical enquiry, considering ways in which history was recorded, as well as the use and critique of this evidence. Our enquiry-based approach to history at The Coombes CE Primary School inspires children to develop a deep curiosity about the past and how it has impacted the present.  

The Curriculum Vision is outlined here: History Curriculum Vision


National Curriculum topics coverage is detailed in our Curriculum Overview. This details when a historical period is taught and some of the key questions for each history topic. 

Curriculum Overview HISTORY


Our further in-depth Curriculum Map of History at The Coombes details the coverage of National Curriculum objectives, as well as Key Questions and opportunities for children to apply their learning within other curriculum subjects and also in our unique and beautiful school grounds.

This can be found here: Curriculum Map History