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Summer Half Term 2016

Mon. 30th May 00:00 - Fri. 3rd June 00:00
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Fathers Day

Sun. 19th June 00:00 - 00:00
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Coombes CE Primary School

Welcome to our wonderful school!

Some of our children will spend just a short time here as they transfer from other schools;
for many others, 8 years at The Coombes will be the longest single period of their school
education. In that time, they may have arrived as toddlers and will leave well prepared for
their secondary school, both academically and as a responsible person with an appetite for
the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

My colleagues and the children understand the importance of learning and we are ambitious
for our children to reach their full potential so that they are well placed to achieve in their
next school. In many ways their primary education at The Coombes is a foundation for the
independence they will need at 11 years of age. Our aim is to nurture the whole child so
we will work to develop their spiritual, artistic and musical as well as academic potential. 


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