Year 6 Transition

We understand that whilst moving onto secondary school is an exciting time, it can bring attention to many uncertainties. We want our pupils to move on to their new schools feeling confident and optimistic about the future.

If you have any worries, concerns, questions or would just like to talk to a teacher about transition, please complete the questionnaire below and we will be in touch.

Welcome to our online classroom! You can access all of our lessons from here.

As we continue to assess the risk posed by COVID-19, our teachers are working on developing curriculum materials to minimise the disruption to learning in the event of a school closure or if pupils are needing to self-isolate.

We appreciate that keeping children engaged in their learning, whilst at home, is not necessarily going to be easy and so we have prepared perfectly matched content for your child that can be completed both independently or with adult support. Please begin with the week 1 materials from the point that your child is away from school and work through the activities sequentially.

Please contact if you are having difficulties accessing any of these resources or require support with your child's learning.







Optional Wider Curriculum


Join us for Collective Worship every Thursday

Each week we'll be sharing an assembly, available every Thursday. These assemblies have been created by the leaders at ABCH Churches and provide an opportunity for us all to come together, hear from some inspirational stories, and to think about wider issues affecting us.

Watch Assemblies

The Coombes Online Classroom was built at speed with a very small lead-in time; at present our resources are for pupils in Reception to Year 6 who are used to accessing age-appropriate content across reading, writing and maths. Please check back to the site regularly as we seek ways to expand our subject provision and provide learning materials for children with additional needs.