Weekly Home Learning Activities

Involving parents/carers actively in children's learning is the key purpose of homework. Short activities of different kinds, including simple games, learning number facts, spellings and reading together provide a very important opportunity for young children to talk about their learning to an interested adult, and to over rehearse key skills in a supportive environment. Of all the activities, we prioritise reading and expect children to read a book that is closely linked to the sounds they know for at least 20 minutes a day at home in order to build comprehension skills and fluency. Although reading progression is important, it is possible to race too quickly through home reading books and coloured bands. We therefore ask that children read and discuss their book twice with an adult before they change their home reading book. We will know when this has been completed as it will be recorded in their home reading diary. Homework will largely consist of regular reading and spelling activities.

Typical weekly activities include:

  • Reading – daily for a minimum of twenty minutes
  • Spellings – weekly phonics home learning
  • Oracy – children struggle to write well if they find it difficult to speak about a topic. Therefore to practise talking well, every now and then we may send home a topic for discussion around the family dinner table..

Additional Home Learning

As we continue to assess the risk posed by COVID-19, our teachers are working on developing curriculum materials to minimise the disruption to learning in the event of a school closure or if pupils are needing to self-isolate. We appreciate that keeping children engaged in their learning, whilst at home, is not necessarily going to be easy and so we have prepared perfectly matched content for your child that can be completed both independently or with adult support. Please begin with the week 1 materials from the point that your child is away from school and work through the activities sequentially.

Reception Home Learning Overview - Weeks 1 and 2


Week 1 and Week 2 home learning tasks


Phonics sound mat

Week 1 sound buttons task

Week 1 spellings

Week 2 sound buttons task

Week 2 spellings


Week 1 and Week 2 home learning tasks

Please contact admin@coombes.wokingham.sch.uk if you are having difficulties accessing any of these resources or require support with your child's learning.

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