Subject Specific Learning Tasks

Treasure Map Template |Treasure Map Example

Create a treasure map, then use directional language to describe where the treasure has been hidden (North, South, East, West).

UK Countries and Seas

Use an atlas to name and locate the countries and seasof the UK.

Town Comparison

Research a UK seaside town. Compare it to where you live.

Then and Now Activity

Sort the seaside pictures into ‘then’ and ‘now’ (photos from a long time ago and recent photos). Explain why you have sorted them this way.

Answer Questions About the Past

Look at the Victorian seaside pictures and use inference skills to answer questions about the past.

Pirate Menu

How Did Oranges Keep Pirates Healthy

Research ‘scurvy’ to answer the following question: How did oranges keep pirates healthy?

Eat Well Plate

Think about the ‘Eat Well’ plate and the importance of having a balance diet. Design a food menu that would keep a pirate healthy (and be tasty too!)

Animal Habitat Fact File

Research an animal that lives on the beach or in the ocean. Then, create a fact-file about that animal and its habitat.

Food Chains Presentation

Read: A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. Then, create a simple food chain based on the sea creatures from the story.

Habitats Presentation

The Coombes Online Classroom was built at speed with a very small lead-in time; at present our resources are for pupils in Reception to Year 6 who are used to accessing age-appropriate content across reading, writing and maths. Please check back to the site regularly as we seek ways to expand our subject provision and provide learning materials for children with additional needs.