Welcome to our online classroom! You can access all of our lessons from here.

As we continue to assess the risk posed by COVID-19, our teachers are working on developing curriculum materials to minimise the disruption to learning in the event of a school closure or if pupils are needing to self-isolate.

Our key skills lessons are designed for pupils with additional needs to build understanding, expand cognitive development and prepare pupils for applied learning. They are grouped by subject area and domain specific knowledge will be identifiable. There is no specific sequence to these lessons and they are designed to be accessed according to need. The tasks linked with these lessons are intended to be repeatable to allow pupils to over-rehearse fundamental skills.

Please contact admin@coombes.wokingham.sch.uk if you are having difficulties accessing any of these resources or require support with your child's learning.

Memory and Processing

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See Lessons

The Coombes Online Classroom was built at speed with a very small lead-in time; at present our resources are for pupils in Reception to Year 6 who are used to accessing age-appropriate content across reading, writing and maths. Please check back to the site regularly as we seek ways to expand our subject provision and provide learning materials for children with additional needs.