Our Ethos is to enable each child to become confident and successful in their mathematical journey throughout their school experience. We encourage them to challenge themselves and to ask questions to broaden their understanding of maths and give them ownership of their learning.

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Mathematics at The Coombes

Mathematics teaches us how to make sense of the world around us through developing a child's ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems. It enables children to understand and appreciate relationships and pattern in both number and space in their everyday lives.

Through their growing knowledge and understanding, children learn to appreciate the contribution made by many cultures to the development and application of mathematics.

Children at The Coombes will cover Key Stage 1 and 2. An overview of these can be seen using the below links:

Key Stage 1 Overview | Key Stage 2 Overview

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Providing an indoor and outdoor learning environment which will assist and encourage children's mathematical thinking, investigative powers and concept acquisition.

Our classrooms provide a maths rich environment to encourage children to engage in maths throughout the day. We use our extensive outdoor learning environment to stimulate and excite mathematical exploration and learning.

Promoting enjoyment and enthusiasm for maths through practical activity, exploration and discussion;

Children engage in:

  • The development of mental strategies
  • Investigational tasks
  • Practical activities
  • Problem solving tasks
  • Development of informal and standardised written methods
  • Mathematical discussion
  • Consolidation of basic skills
  • Co-operative and independent learning

Developing confidence and competence with numbers and the number system and the ability to solve problems through decision-making and reasoning in a range of contexts;

Within the classroom and outdoor learning environment, we promote the use of strategy games and maths investigations to consolidate the application of mathematical skills to problem solving.

Identifying and using the mathematical elements and processes contained in the wide range of thematic and other experiences at the school, and to teach maths from the near-at-hand;

As a school we encourage parents and outside groups to visit and support the school with mathematics. We have held maths days where we have linked children's maths understanding to the real world by inviting people who use maths in their everyday life to share their experiences.

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