Our teachers provide the children with a wide variety of high quality learning experiences. Our unique setting helps the children to learn how to appreciate and respect the natural environment. The Coombes team have worked in partnership with the children and parents, to design a curriculum that inspires, excites and engages the children with the outdoor environment at its heart. Learning at The Coombes provides real life experiences to which the children can apply and develop their skills and knowledge.

Our exciting curriculum challenges all children and supports them to work independently and to take risks. This broad and balanced curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral,cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils with the under lying ethos that we care for everyone.

Primary National Curriculum clearly shows the framework which underpins the school's curriculum.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Coombes Termly Curriculum Overview - Reception

Key Stage 1

Primary Curriculum Key Stage 1

The Coombes Termly Curriculum Overview - Year 1 and Year 2

Key Stage 2

Primary Curriculum Key Stage 2

The Coombes Termly Curriculum Overview - Year 3

The Coombes Termly Curriculum Overview - Year 4

The Coombes Termly Curriculum Overview - Year 5

The Coombes Termly Curriculum Overview - Year 6

Key to ensuring that all children make great progress is to put their learning into a context which is exciting and engaging. The topics at The Coombes are designed to teach writing, reading and maths in an interesting and relevant way. These topics change termly and can be found below. This information can be used to engage your child in conversations about their learning or to give direction for additional research that can be carried out at home.

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