Foundation 2 / Reception

An introduction to F2 (Foundation 2)

  • We are a 2.5 form entry school with an intake of 75 children into Foundation 2 in September. There are 25 children in each of the 3 F2 (Foundation 2) classes.
  • Our focus is on inspiring lifelong learners. We have a child led focus which often results in spontaneous learning.
  • All staff in F2 are known by their first names. We are all identified by our names, it's a part of getting to know each other well.
  • In June, you will be invited to a 'New Parents' Meeting'. This is your opportunity to meet some of the school team. You will have the opportunity to talk to your child's teacher and see the classroom your child will be in.
  • We hold 'transition days' in June/July; for you and your child to come to the school for a morning or an afternoon. An excellent opportunity to meet your new friends!
  • You will be given the opportunity to sign up for a home visit which will take place in the first week(s) in September.
  • Overview of the School Day
  • Overview of the School Week

What happens in Term 1?

As we are all individuals, as each day is different, as we know how even with the best laid plans, they may change, so each class will be different. We celebrate individuality and diversity; we embrace and learn from difference. The Infant school will follow over-arching themes/topics each term however daily learning will vary in each class. The themes/topics follow the natural seasons.

  • Home visits will take place during the first week(s) in September. Home visits are an important part of the transition for you and your child into school. It is an opportunity for you to speak one to one with the adults who will be working with your children in school (class teacher and teaching assistant). You are welcomed to ask any questions you may have and share any information that you feel is important for your child’s teachers to know. It is also an important time for your child to meet their new teachers in an environment they feel comfortable in. They may like to share their favourite toy/story/game etc. You can sign up to a day and time that suits you at the New Parents’ meeting, the visit lasts approximately half an hour.
  • The first 3 days of school will be 8:50am - 11:50am. The following 2 days will be 8:50am - 1:15pm so your child will need a packed lunch or you can opt for a school lunch. The following days will then be as normal 8:50am - 3:20pm.
  • What you will need...
    You will need the following in school every day. We recommend you leave these in school as your child will have their own peg where they can keep all of their belongings. 
    - Waterproof/warm coat (preferably zip up)
    - Hat, scarf, gloves / sun hat
    - Wellington boots
    - At least one spare full change of clothes
    - PE kit – navy shorts and white t-shirt (trainers will be needed in the summer)
    You will need to bring to school and recommend you take home every day the following:
    - Book bag with reading record (can be purchased from the school office). 
    - Alphabet feely book (they will make these in school)
    - Number stones (they will make these in school)
    - Library wallet (zippy wallet to be purchased from class teacher - £1)
  • Reading - we encourage you to share books with your children at home but the best thing you can do to help your child with reading is - talk to them, about everything! The more language they build up, the easier reading books will come to them when they are ready. They are already reading all the time - symbols, logos, pictures, facial expressions... Your child will bring 'sharing books' home in the first term. Please enjoy sharing these books, making up stories, talking about the pictures. We read a variety of books at the Coombes and don't follow one scheme, the books will be chosen with and to suit your child. 
  • You will need to purchase the Coombes Record Book from the school office - this is the book where we will record with your child their reading progress.  Please do take this home and read with your child, we encourage that you update the reading record book any time you read anything with your child (it doesn't need to be their school reading book).
  • Alphabet Feely Book - this will be made over the term in school with your child. Your child will learn the alphabet through their senses - songs, rhymes, food, touch. The alphabet feely book is just one way for your child to share with you the letters they are learning in school.
  • Phonics and letter formation - We teach the alphabet and writing through phonics. Please do speak to your class teacher if you would like to know more about phonics. We use consistent language through the school for letter formation, a copy of this will be provided in your child's alphabet feely book. Some useful websites to help you help your child with phonics are: Letters and Sounds, Mr Thorne Does Phonics, Letter Join Website
  • Number Stones - This will be made with your child in school. Instead of 'homework' we encourage you to play games with your child with the stones. Game suggestions will be provided but there are endless games you and your children can make up at home!
  • Library - each class has a timetabled visit to the library every week. We welcome you to help with the library sessions. Your child will need a library wallet which will be available to purchase (£1) from your class teacher.
  • Over-arching themes/topics for Term 1 (please talk to your child and class teacher for further information)
    - Social and CoOperative: settling in to a new class, new routines and making new friends
    - Sunflowers
    - Apples/Harvest
    - Textiles
    - Fire
    - Hibernation
    - Christmas 

What happens in Term 2?

As with Term 1, we continue building on our phonics and maths learning. At this stage we are encouraging the children to become as independent as possible with exploring and applying their learning.

Over-arching themes/topics for the first half of Term 2 are:

Epiphany, Stars and Planets (Space) and Valentines/Friendship

(Please see your class teacher for further information.)

What happens in Term 3?

Coming soon!

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