Your Child's Journey

A Step by Step Guide on your Child's Schooling at The Coombes 

Your Child's Journey starts from Nursery and then transfers to Reception (also known as Foundation 2) and up to Year 6. 

We are currently preparing all the information on Your Child's Journey in The Coombes School. As you can imagine this is a lot of data for us to collect and to get right first time on the website. The objective of the child's journey section on the website is to 'hand hold' you so that you know every step your child makes at The Coombes. The Coombes philosophy is to engage parents as much as possible in the School and we hope that the website will assist in this. Also, The Coombes is a school that is constantly changing, adapting and being spontaneous with the children as we believe in a child lead learning programme. It's very hard for us to get across information that is 'spontaneous' but we believe the website will assist in this area.

In the meantime, why don't you check our latest News, the Foundation and upcoming Events sections to have a taste of the kind of information we will be providing.

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