How Do I Use the Events Calendar?

Our Events Calendar allows Grown Ups, Children and Teachers to find all The Coombes CE Primary School events in one place.

To simplify this process we have created "Add Event to My Calendar" functionality which allows you to get the event you want to attend to appear in your calendar following few simple steps:

Add Event to My Calendar

  • Go to the Events Calendar page
  • Hover over the specific Event with your mouse to see more details (its title, time, and description)

  • Click "Add Event to My Calendar" if you want to
  • If you want to read more information about this specific event, click on its image or "Find out More Information" hyperlink - you will be redirected to the correct page
  • Check the events details, including its location - you can even check it on Google Maps by clicking on "View on Map"!


  • When you have decided to attent this event, simply click "Add Event to My Calendar" - pop-up window will appear
  • Insert your name and email address - this is where your event notification will be sent.
  • If you are Microsoft Office Outlook user, you will receive automatic event notification - add it to your Outlook calendar
  • If you are Gmail user, open your email and select "Yes" to attend this event - it will be added to your Gmail calendar
  • If you are Hotmail or any other email service user (which unfortunately do not support this functionality), you will receive an automated email response, detailing the event
Close Add Event Please fill in the details below to add this event to your calendar