by Emily Cooke (Subject Leader)

Reading at The Coombes

At The Coombes reading is at the heart of everything we do. The ability to read gives access to the whole curriculum and beyond and enables our children to become confident, independent learners. We strive to encourage children to become passionate about reading and we want them to become life-long readers. We encourage children to read a variety of texts e.g. fables, myths, comics, songs, poems etc. At our school the children are given plenty of opportunities to engage with a range of stories and texts through many ways, such as songs, drama and art. This encourages children to explore, engage and find a genre, author that they can appreciate. As you walk through the school it is clearly evident, from the cosy story circles to the story trails, how much opportunity the children have to enjoy a good read. Through the use of books and stories we are able to foster the spiritual, intellectual, physical, artistic, musical, social, emotional and moral development of children and adults which is key to the school’s mission statement.

Every child’s journey with reading will be different and the early stages of reading will begin even before they join The Coombes. Obviously children progress at different rates and so the teaching of reading is tailored to the child and their ability. On a daily basis children interact with reading, whether this is independently, one to one, or as a group reading session. Reading can begin with recognising patterns of marks that make up letters and words. Children are exposed to this when singing songs, sharing a book, or noticing texts across the school. When children develop strategies to read texts they are encouraged to take a reading book and a library book home to enjoy every evening. As your child becomes a more able reader they can collectively share books and explore themes, settings, characters and writing styles. Throughout each child’s reading experience stories are used in every aspect of the curriculum and can be enjoyed and explored in a collection of ways.


We shouldn’t teach great books we should teach a great love of reading’ B.F. Skinner



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