Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

 by Jane Montandon (Subject Leader)

Computing at the Coombes

In line with our core values, ICT is embedded in the curriculum and the children have access to a variety of devices to enrich their learning.  Each classroom has a smartboard with additional computers and we have two dedicated ICT suites.  Our new fibre LAN (which runs up to 10Gb/s) supports the rich multisensory approach to learning that we have at the school. The Wi-Fi network system covers the grounds enabling us to gain access from anywhere in the school and the children can use the netbooks in the outdoor classroom. 

In an ever changing digital world we endeavour to keep up with the latest technology.  The children use the standard Microsoft programmes (as well as 2Simple software), learn basic keyboard skills and how to organise their work in folders or on the new learning platform.  Digital cameras are used to photograph the grounds and record the rhythms of the seasons which are reflected in science as well as the festivals and unique traditions.  Images may be stored and uploaded for use in a piece of work and/or modified.  The children are also taught safe internet practise which includes the use of complex passwords, logging out and not opening unknown sites (see e-safety).

The LIFE learning cloud is the schools learning platform.  It provides a safe environment for children, staff and parents to communicate in and out of school.  Once logged into LIFE the children can access Education City providing activities and games linked to the curriculum and Purplemash which has all the 2Simple software that the children use in school.    LIFE allows children to become independent and take ownership of their learning.  Children develop their digital literacy becoming budding broadcasters.  They are given a voice to interact, listen and respond to our school blog.  

A variety of peripherals are also used ranging from remote control buggies to data logging devices.  For example, Beebots are programmable floor robots specially designed for young children.   Students learn sequential programming by pressing forward/reverse/left/right buttons in order to make the Bee-Bots go from one place to another.  Easiscopes are small, handheld digital microscopes which the children use to investigate objects that they bring in or find in the grounds.

Parents can access the learning platform from the Coombes website (top right of homepage 'Education Portal Login') using their child's login details.

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