by Michelle Jay (Subject Leader)

History at The Coombes

At the Coombes our teaching is child-centred, multi-sensory, active and co-operative. We pride ourselves on giving the children a rich experience through which they can become actively and imaginatively involved with the past. They will have access to a wide range of historical sources, representations and activities. In this way, we hope children will be helped to develop an understanding of the present in the context of the past, a sense of their own identity and an insight into the world around them.

History at the Coombes is taught predominantly through Topic which also incorporates Geography (with an emphasis on locality and settlements which in themselves are based in History). In addition to this weekly lesson, History is often incorporated in each curriculum area, as well as in Literacy and Numeracy.

We aim to present the teaching of History in an interesting and stimulating way in order to arouse, develop and sustain children's interest and curiosity in the past, as well as their ability to question and communicate. 

Throughout the school, stories; drama; visitors and events are used to ignite the children’s curiosity in the past. Our ethos at The Coombes is to enable each child to develop confidence and self-esteem, to encourage self-reliance, self-discipline and responsibility; history enables children to build on these traits, to ask questions about the past and research answers from a range of resources, including the internet, encyclopaedias’, historical documents and correspondence, as well as art, music and artefacts. 

The children become involved in celebration days which have a history and tradition in the school setting as well as being historical. For example, during Apple Barn, the children will be learning the history of British apples and the stories that surround them. These stories involve Henry VIII (Tudor times), Roman invasion and 20th century history, all whilst eating apples grown at school and from local orchards.

We extensively use The Coombes’ outdoor environment for the teaching of history which is directly related to the children’s physical setting. The children are actively engaged in improvement/development projects which will influence the school site in the future. They are also aware that they are working in an environment that has been changed by children in the past.

The teaching of History at The Coombes fosters the ethos of independent and confident learners allowing the children’s curiosity to fuel their learning. 

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