Handwriting at The Coombes

At The Coombes we teach children to form their letters with a cursive script right from the beginning of their time here.  We took this decision because on-going research clearly shows strong links between using a joined handwriting style and the development of more confident writers, improved spelling skills and writing fluency.

We have recently introduced ‘Letter-join’ as the consistent teaching programme for handwriting. This is a web-based programme which provides a variety of interactive whiteboard resources for use as a teaching tool in lessons.  It also allows teachers to design and print patterns to trace/practise, key word or letter string lists, spelling practice sheets, captions, labels, etc.  

In recent years several local schools have introduced cursive writing into the Foundation Stage and have seen significant improvements in both handwriting and presentation skills as the children progress through the key stages.   

We believe it is important that children take pride in their work and take responsibility for their efforts; self-esteem and confidence are critical to reaching potential.  If presentation skills and handwriting are poor, it is difficult to motivate children to improve once bad habits have been adopted.  By introducing a consistent handwriting programme and supporting children with the appropriate resources right from the beginning, we are confident they will have developed the mechanical skills of writing as they approach upper juniors.   Our teaching can then focus upon developing the techniques, quality and breadth of language use rather than the surface features.

Your support and encouragement are essential to ensure the children talk about their writing, their learning and their developing skills at home as well as in school so that we can celebrate their progress and achievements together.  

Please feel free to visit the Letter-join web site to see what it looks like: 

www.letter-join.co.uk  or click on one of the links below to go straight to that section for an illustration.


Please click here to see the notes from the Handwriting Workshop (28/11/13)

Please click here to see the language we use to form each letter of the alphabet.

Please click here to see the alphabet with the picture prompts and some key words.


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