It is the curiosity of our children that shapes the way in which Geography is taught here at The Coombes. Our instinct to explore their surroundings and create from it, is a force which we hold dear and is our stimulus for learning.

Some would argue that a pair of ‘Wellies’ is the most important piece of equipment for a young Coombes child as, right from their first day here, they are encouraged to explore their ever-changing environment. The knowledge and the skills that are tempered from these plentiful experiences are coupled with the opportunity to celebrate the cultures of the world. Throughout their school life, our children are encouraged to challenge and question what they see and sense.

As the children continue to develop their understanding of their world, they learn skills that help them to make sense of what they experience. They learn to compare how their lives and environment differs from others both in physical and political terms. Opportunities are created for our children to move further afield to visit physical geographical features such as rivers and fords to recognise the power of water in terms of travel and need. They learn to identify and understand the difference between towns, villages and cities.

Learning can be seen in a number of thematic ways and styles too and is a great opportunity to work collaboratively and in small groups. Our learning becomes even more powerful when we find the links to other areas such as Art, History and Religious education.

Geography at The Coombes allows the children further opportunity to find solutions to problems that they will encounter on their journey and encourages them to think about how important their role is as a ‘Global Citizen’, which is becoming of an increasing importance.

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