by Jane Montandon (Subject Leader) 

At the Coombes we believe that the use of ICT can greatly enhance learning and enjoyment across the curriculum, however it is not without its dangers.  At The Coombes we take E-safety very seriously.  Our primary concern is to ensure that our children are safe at school and at home and we aim to equip all our children the knowledge and life-skills to keep themselves safe in the constantly changing online environment.  Though challenging for some, within school everyone uses a complex six character password that is common to both the school network and The LIFE learning cloud - our new learning platform.  This helps the children to understand the importance of password security and in line with our core values encourages them to begin taking responsibility and exercise self-discipline.

We have a detailed and comprehensive E-safety policy that is designed to dovetail with our safeguarding policies and keep our children protected.  It follows the latest guidance from central government, our local authority and CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).  Unusually, we have a dedicated E-safety representative as part of the school ICT team – a demonstration of how seriously we take this. 

We hold regular informal evening events for parents which are intended to improve their understanding of the potential and emerging dangers of ICT and how to help their children to avoid them at home.  Guest speakers are often invited to support these events and we keep the advice up to date by following the latest guidance from CEOP.

Within the classroom E-safety is taught specifically at regular intervals as well as being embedded throughout the ICT curriculum.  A variety of engaging and age appropriate videos, games and online resources help to get the message across to children in an interesting and relevant way.


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