Drama does not solely lend itself to the performance of a play; it is used to develop speaking and listening skills, to inspire and stimulate pieces of writing, to improve confidence, to gain a better understanding of emotions and body language, as well as to have some fun!  

Through encouraging creativity in Drama and allowing the children to build a deeper understanding of their own creative processes, motivation and self-esteem can be increased.

Drama at the Coombes is incorporated wherever possible across the whole range of subjects taught and is inclusive, enabling children of all ages and abilities to experience success. 

Within the foundation stage a rich variety of opportunities are provided for child led and initiated imaginative play, including themed role play areas, small world play, puppets, dressing up and using the outdoor environment for stimulus.  Children are encouraged to explore being different characters and to think about how they might act and feel.

In Key Stage One Drama is used to bring the curriculum to life! Teachers often act in role both informally e.g. role play of a playground incident, and formally e.g. acting out a specific story for Literacy work.  Children then use these experiences to enhance their understanding, develop empathy, it also encourages critical thinking skills and independent learning.

In Key Stage Two Drama is used in a similar format as Key Stage One, moving onto more performance and evaluation work, both self and peer. Both year 4 and year 6 put on performances where the children fully immerse themselves with writing, directing, rehearsal and the final performances.  Drama is also continually used not only in Literacy but across topic work to deepen understanding and creativity.  

We at the Coombes are very fortunate to have strong links with Reading University and their Drama department who regularly come in to the school for specific projects and productions.  We also make use of Drama companies and puppeteers to run workshops for the children to take part in.

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