Design and Technology

We pride ourselves on using and developing practical skills at The Coombes, in fact it is a key part of what we do.  We encourage children to think, plan and experiment with materials to achieve their end goal, design and technology is therefore an integral part of our curriculum.  As a specific subject area it allows us to develop and progress skills so that children move to a more structured way of planning, prototyping, building amending and reviewing their work.

During the year they will work on specific projects to practice and develop their skills, thinking about what products are used for, the needs of the people who use them and how they would aim to meet those needs.

A key stage of design is turning an idea into reality; what has to be done, what works well in the world around them and what could be improved in their designs.  As you can imagine there are great links with other areas of the curriculum and CAD (Computer Aided Design) may well help them visualize their ideas. 

One of the key areas of any design project is the evaluation of the design, in-fact this is probably one of the areas where children get the most learning as they present their ideas and gain feedback against their original design.

Our teachers’ role is to help the children with their 'knowledge and understanding' of solutions already available in the world around them and how these are manufactured/work practically.  They support the children to 'generate and further developing their ideas' working towards 'planning the build and identifying the materials requirements' culminating in 'making the products' and 'evaluating' them.

Our children communicate design ideas in different ways as these develop, bearing in mind aesthetic qualities, and the uses and purposes for which the product is intended.

We encourage the children:-

·         To select appropriate tools and techniques for making their product

·         Suggest alternative ways of making their product, if first attempts fail and they often will!

·         Explore suitable materials and how to use them.

·         Measure, mark out, cut and shape a range of materials, and assemble, join and combine components and materials accurately.

·         Follow safe procedures for food safety and hygiene.

Projects will take place throughout the year and where possible will be linked to the topics being studied in each year group.

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