Movement is an early means of expression, exploration and communication – even before language develops.

Dance is a performing art in its own right, with its own history and language which distinguishes it from any other physical activity, making it more than just another form of exercise.

As part of the P.E. National Curriculum requirement, children are entitled to dance and its own specific learning experience. Dance plays its part in cross-curricular work, using school themes as links.

Through dance, children learn to express themselves without the need for spoken or written words. As they build up a movement vocabulary, they develop spatial awareness by working constructively both alone and in groups. They can begin to explore, develop, create, perform and appreciate all forms of dance. Almost through osmosis they learn to use their bodies well, gaining grace, co-ordination, self-esteem and confidence. They also learn music appreciation and rhythm.

Dance at The Coombes School is essentially creative, combining a learning experience with fun and enjoyment. Our differentiated dance programme transcends cultures and ability to give all children this invaluable opportunity. 

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